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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Johnny Can't Preach

This is an amazing discussion about how technology has shaped the craft of preaching.

Most think that technology is just another means of communicating a message. But for readers of Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death" know, the medium effects the message. The written word, the spoken word and the image all communicate differently and each has different levels of effectiveness in regards to communicating ideas. The most I delve into theology, the more I respect the iconoclasts. These ideas are essential to any preacher or teacher. Also, the book is on sale for $6 at wtsbooks.

link: Christ the Center discussion with Dr. T. David Gordon.


Nathan P. Gilmour said...

You had me at Neil Postman. :)

I might have to check this out some time, though right now my dissertation is keeping me away from very much leisure reading.

Nathan P. Gilmour said...

Never mind. Weak-minded soul I am. I read the .pdf sample on the page you linked to, and I liked it, and I ordered it; it's on its way.

Jared Nelson said...

For $6, at least you can't be faulted for being financially weak-minded. I had forgotten your interest in these areas. I'd be interested in seeing your interaction with the book. If you do, post it as I peruse your blog occasionally.

Nathan P. Gilmour said...

Will do. I'm always interested in Christian higher education, and at least the sample on the publisher's site seemed to be headed that direction.

(Oh, and if you like my blog, why not put it on your Facebook blog list? :) )