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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Matt Bradley: Why I left the Baptist Church

If you visit this site often, you have probably seen in the posts the comments of Matt Bradley. Matt Bradley and Jay Bennett are two of the men from whom I have gained much over the past year just sitting with, talking to, and listening to the two of them argue out theology which has given me a theological vocabulary and understanding of the ministry that made it palpable to me. Matt recently moved to Nashville to be ordained as a minister in a PCA church there. He recently posted his reasons for switching from being a minister in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) to the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America). If interested, you can see what moved him to change. I’ve never really been part of a Southern Baptist Church, and my church experiences have been a little more positive in other traditions, so my linking does not means I share the same experiences, but just think others reading this blog might find the topic interesting. Go leave him some comments if you do!

Matt Bradley: Why did you leave the Baptist Church?

Part 1: People (good ones in the PCA)
Part 2: Theological Difference
Part 2B: Doctrinal Differences

Part 3: Historical Background
Part 4: Leadership Problems


Aaron said...

Would you consider you experance at DTS postive?

Jared Nelson said...

So far, yes. But mixed depending on the professor and the department. I do also enjoy the openness to dialog and challenge both to me and to the professor (again, depending on the prof). Why do you ask?

Aaron said...

Would just hate for you to regret going to it rather than on that started with Westminster in the name, or to be glad you went there so you could say “I walked among the dispensationalist and they are bad” Ha! I certainly do not get all the ins and outs but I have listened to enough of them to believe they are not plebeians and they have a reasonable case. They may be wrong but I do not think them weird for trying to take the Bible at face value. I for one am glad to have some dispensationalists around. I think their theology needs a couple hundred more years to simmer and work itself out though. Do you ever just think that? Hey I am glad they are here because maybe “They might be right”?

Jared Nelson said...

There certainly are some defects that I feel I will need to suppliment my education on, for instance: preaching as more than method but a metanarrative and Christ-centered. You do learn that stuff, but from the Systematic and Historical Department that whispers, "psst, look back in history and see how preaching was done by Spurgeon, Edwards and Luther that sees Christ rather than pithy advice as the goal of preaching."

God has me at DTS in His divine Providence for a reason, and I trust Him that this is the place where He best wishes to prepare me, whether I am in a class where I feel I am trying to drink from a fire hydrent or parched and dying of thirst.

Aaron said...
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Ryan G. Smith said...

Thanks for linking to this...I always enjoy a good story like this...though I am still working on being charitable. =) I haven't read all the posts, but I think Matt offers a very mature, charitable, and well thought out explanation.

Aaron said...

Matt has been VERY charitable to me. I only read the one on History and took issue with it. I figured I am not qualified on the others so why read them and get upset with my brother who might be right. However I will try and check them out later.