"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." - Jerome

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Faith, the Church, and Politics

In attempting to think more deeply about the relationship of Faith and Politics, I've run across two programs that have made me re-think some of my preconceptions. Both contain intelligent conservative and progressive Christians discussing these issues, give them a listen:

1) Speaking of Faith: "Evangelical Politics" - The first is an episode of "Speaking of Faith," a program on American Public Radio, where Chuck Colson, Gregory Boyd and Shane Claiborne talk about the relationship between church and state, from the prespective of three generations of evangelicals.

2) White Horse Inn: "Christianity and Politics, Part 1 / Part 2" - Second is a two part talk with two Christians involved in politics, one Democrat and one Republican. D.G. Hart, one of my favorite Christian writers and author of the book: A Secular Faith: Why Christianity favors the Separation of Church and State, joins the talk to explore: What is the role of the church in Politics? The shared opinion here might suprise you.


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...
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Jared Nelson said...

When you said "this post has been removed by the author" I thought: My thoughts exactly. But your second comment of "this post has been removed by the author", well I just don't agree.

nick said...

Hi Jared Nelson,

Regarding 1 Cor. 11:3. The scripture shows that God (the Father, Jehovah) has more authority than Christ; just as the man has more authority that the woman in God's arrangement of things.

If Christ were God, no one could have more authority that he, someone does have more authority than Christ, therefore, Christ cannot be God.

The "economic Trinity" contains the teaching of how, Jehovah uses His Son and the holy spirit as His "tools" in the outworking of His purposes.

A person would have another person who is "superior in rank" to someone; that would be an impossibility if Christ were the Almighty God.