"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." - Jerome

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Current CT Cover

Add this to the things I like about Mark Martin. He will be driving full time next year in the Hendrick #5 car which means as for me and my house, we will be pulling for him to be the 2009 Champ. Nothing would give him a better chance than sitting in Hendrick equipment.
He is a class act all the way. Been going part time for the past few years because he decided that his family is more important than racing, but Lord willing 2009 will be the year he finally gets the cup his career deserves. Go Mark Martin Go!


Aaron said...

To try and beat any criticism I am just saying I like him but my faith is not based on celebrities be they Pastors or NASCAR drivers. I DO however see a role for, well for role models as part of the "cloud of witness". But my faith is in Jesus Christ alone.

Anonymous said...

I am always encouraged by those celebrities who speak out for the Lord. Not sure Rush falls into that category but certainly in NASCAR Mark Martin, Dale Jarrett and Joe Nemechek do.

(Posted this in the wrong place - I posted it on the infant baptism discussion)