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Thursday, June 18, 2015

PCA and Race Part 3: Some of my particular Questions I am exploring...

Here are some my honest questions I am exploring:

  1. What does it mean for a denomination to confess/repent? What is the nature and purpose of the repentance of an organization (or nation, or covenant community) as opposed to an individual?
  2. What specific acts are in view for the General Assembly to confess and repent of (or directing congregations and individuals to repent of)? We are told to confess our particular sins, particularly, so what are the particular sins? (What History do I need to be familiar with to make that determination?)
  3. What are the particular sins that my presbytery may need to repent of? What are the particular sins of my church? What does that look like?
  4. Are we mostly looking at sins of omission? If so, what act was necessary and was not pursued?
  5. In a confession of a sin in regards to the civil realm or ecclesial realm?
  6. Can we confess this sin if the ones confessing are not the ones who sinned (at least in this particular way) and if those who are committing these sins presently are NOT repentant?
  7. How can action by the upper court remedy local problems?
  8. What does passing this resolution mean? What does this confession do? How is repentance different from confession?
  9. What fruits of repentance must flow from such a confession?
  10. What role does the RPCES tradition (which is as much a part of the history and ancestry of the PCA as the PCUS and continuing church movement) play in such a repentance?
  11. If there are individuals and churches that were active in racial reconciliation and civil rights, does this need to be acknowledged (if it is necessary for their sin to be acknowledged, how about their good works)?
  12. How does a theology of the covenant affect those who are in the same denomination?

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