"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." - Jerome

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What strikes you about Christ?

I value objectivity. I dislike Christianity being turned into mere emotion and personal opinion and subjectivity. Yet, when objectivity is present, there is an element of subjectivity that is necessary for Christian life. That said, I have a simple question to any readers who might feel like commenting, with no specific answer being looked for:

What moves you about Christ?

By that I mean, what makes Him important and emotionally moving to you? Why do you love Him? Not a full confessional exhaustive list, but an aspect. What part of who Christ is or what He has done hits you in the affections? (at least currently, usually, or lately)

Please share in the comments.

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Jared Nelson said...

Well, I've had several people email me answers, perhaps not wanting to be the first to answer. I'll take a stab at it since I wrote the question.

Lately, I've been moved by the idea that Christ is the image of God. (Col 1:15, etc.) I'm constantly disappointed by Christians and especially myself in behavior. I have a hard time always understanding (well, actually loving) what God is doing in Scripture whether it is the killing in Joshua or striking people dead for lying about their income. I have a hard time having something comforting to say about God when someone has gone through pain.

I am led to ask: Who is is this God? What is this God that does this stuff like? The answer to "what is God like" is Jesus. When I find this Jesus in his love and co-suffering with humanity, I know that God is not aloof, merely watching dispassionately from far off, but condescends to suffer with us. If God merely told people they had to suffer, I don't know if I could bear it. But when I see God in Christ suffering, I know it has a purpose.

What moves me emotionally, lately, about Christ is that Christ shows me that God is not apathetic to a world of pain caused by sin, but participates in it, suffers in it, and has begun to fix my self-inflicted and others-inflicted wounds. Christ is God suffering with me, rather than a distant Being merely telling me to suffer well. Christ is the image of a God Who seemed cold and distant, and reveals Himself to be near and with us, Immanuel.