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Thursday, July 17, 2008

RIP Tony Snow

His funeral was today. He was a reporter and political figure and certainly no theologian as far as I know, although I believe he was a practicing Catholic. Anyway I wanted to post something to kind of say good bye, he will be missed. Thanks Tony, your country is better off for having you and is poorer for your early departure. RIP

From President Bush’s remarks:
He said he would often call Snow on the weekends, seeking advice, and find that Snow was absorbed in the lives of children. Snow was invariably cheering on the sidelines of a soccer match, or helping out a child with homework, when he took the presidential phone call.
"He loved you a lot," Bush told the three children. "Today I hope you know that we loved him a lot too."

"As a speechwriter in my dad's administration, Tony tried to translate the president's policies into English," Bush said. "As a spokesman in my administration, Tony tried to translate my English into English."

"I know it’s hard to make sense of today. It is impossible to fully comprehend why such a good and vital man was taken from us so soon. But these are the great mysteries of life — and Tony knew as well as anyone that they’re not ours to unveil. "

K Lo brings some moral and spiritual insight to Tony's life and death here and here. No need for me to restate that which others who knew him can say better.

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