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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Reading List

I posted this on my other page, but since it is dead theologian related, thought I would restate it here - this is my summer reading list [I am open for suggestions for my reading on Reformed Spirituality!]:

Thomas Cranmer by Diamond MacCulloch

Started this book already on the first Protestant Archbishop of Cantebury. Cranmer and Edward VI brought real reform to the Church of England resulting in the 39 Articles and a Reformed Church before the aftermath moved the church closer to a via media (middle way) position during the reign of Elizabeth I. I’m interested to see the development of this man that eventually gave his life on the stake for his devotion to the gospel in England.

Marriage in the Early Church ed by David Hunter

For a group from PCPC that will be going through it this Summer. This book is a collection of texts from Early Church Leaders on the subject of marriage

Van Til’s Apologetic by Greg Bahnsen

Under more of a conviction that sin has had major impact on our minds, I need to look more at Van Til’s approach to apologetics. I am a child of Thomas Aquinas and so why people do not merely agree with good reason puzzles me - and in fact why I often do not agree with good reason proves that reason may not be enough. Hence Van Til.

A Reformed Spirituality?

I am looking into teaching another course on the concept of a “reformed spirituality.” This is an oxymoron to some, but I hope to do enough reading and experimenting to have material to present a Biblical approach to spirituality in Spring of 09. Towards that end on my reading list is:

A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life

Christian Spirituality by Alister McGrath

The Life of God in the Soul of Man by Henry Scougal

The Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards

The Christian Life by Sinclair Ferguson

Worldly Saints: The Puritans as They Really Were. By Leland Ryken

Puritan Reformed Spirituality by Joel Beeke

Luther’s Spirituality

Streams of Living Water by Richard Foster

The Mystical Presence by Nevin

I also have this itch to go through Calvin’s Institutes from start to finish. I may need a group to help me though…

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Jeff Wright said...

Must be nice to be able to have a summer reading list! Nothing but the Hebrew text and required reading for me. As soon as Aug. 9th comes though I'll be making my own reading list.