"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." - Jerome

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Give me three minutes and I will tell you... not much.

Augustine tells of a vision of seeing a little boy at a beach scooping up the ocean thimbleful by thimbleful and emptying it out on the sand. Then he sees an angel who tells him that this boy will have emptied out the entire ocean long before Augustine has exhausted what can be said about God.

So what’s the difference between two Baptists and two Episcopalians when they meet in the liquor store? The Episcopalians will say hi to each other. Jared told me that one but I think I just butchered it. Anyway I had a similar experience the other day. Only I think the Baptist said hi. I was driving home from work and I was totally bored with what I had on my MP3 player and with talk radio, so I reluctantly found myself turning on my local Christian music station. I felt a little dirty but my wife has softened me up a bit and I have been known to tune in now from time to time. Still, I was thinking “Has it come to this? I am reaching for the cheap beer here?” Well then the announcer introduced a new song. The guy seemed to be even more apologetic for being on the radio as I was for listening. It is called “3 Minute Song”. It's not perfect but it seemed somewhat Augustinian. Can you imagine asking Augustine to talk about God in a little three minute song that will flow nice to a commercial break? The guy who was losing me on the subject of “Time” in Confessions then said “look at how much time I have spent talking about time!” Yeah I don’t think he could do it either... Anyway it was good song, happened a couple of weeks ago, have not tuned into the Christian station since.

Check out out here if you want

I tried to write a song, and keep it three minutes long
Get in, get out, nobody gets hurt
And I tried a thousand times to fit God between the lines
But I'm finding out that doesn't really work
I just don't have the words to say
Because words only get in my way
I must apologize, I have the hardest time
Finding something to define a God that I can't define
And even if I could, it would take way too long
If all I've got's a 3 minute song
I've got a hundred metaphors, and if I had a hundred more
I could never ever seem to sum this up
Besides, how can some melody communicate eternity?It's like trying to fit the ocean in a cup
I'll never find the words to say
Cause words only get in the way
I would like to dumb this down to 3 chords or maybe 4
But I've tried and I can't and I won't cause there will always be more


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