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Sunday, November 18, 2007

White Horse Inn talks Rome

It does not make for good blogging if I am sick of controversy and even more sick of my own opinions. I really do not want to hear what I have to say on much right now. But I will say a few things and pass along this good White Horse Inn broadcast. Not surprisingly I could not relate to Robert Sungenis at all and felt no kindred spirit with him what so ever. As for Mark Noll at the end, I had sympathy for his position but do not endorse it. Certainly if he wants to say the Reformation is over because Protestants no longer believe it I can not argue with that at all. Sadly it seems to very much be the case. I did wonder if the same Augustinian Catholics that Noll seems to like so much are the same ones Sungenis would call liberals who are daring to read the Bible for themselves, consult Protestant viewpoints, and pursue ecumenical dialog. hmmm... Yeah I would probably dig them too. This is a very respectful interview by Mike Horton.


Jared Nelson said...

Good Listen. Michael Horton is a great interviewer. I heard an interviewer with Francis Beckwith and that interviewer kept talking over him, but Horton merely brings up possible flaws by asking the right questions. Horton rocks!

When I listen to Kreeft and Richard John Neuhaus I think Noll could be right. When I listen to Catholics that are not Protestant converts, I think he is all wet. God ordained the Reformation for a reason. Even if we all end up back in the same Church in 500 more years, history will be kind to Wittenberg's little monk. Sola Gratia!

Aaron said...

Yeah I love that drunken little monk from the back woods. Even if he calls me the devil from hell I will revere him.
Agreed on Horton. I could tell Horton wanted to get in a linguistic battle over imputation but he showed great self control and just chuckled and moved on. It seemed that both of these guys enjoyed the interview. But who wouldn’t enjoy being allowed to for the most part have the floor the way Horton let them? He did however ask excellent questions that cut to the heart of the matter. I really admired his intellect and his respectfulness of his guests.