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Monday, June 16, 2014

Good Works and Salvation

John Colquhoun’s propositions on “The Necessity of Good Works” [From A Treatise on the Law and Gospel. Pages 289-303]:

In what ways good works ARE NOT necessary:
1.       Good works are not necessary to move God to be merciful and gracious to us.
2.       Our good works are not necessary to afford us a right to trust in Christ for salvation
3.       Neither are good works necessary to acquire for us a personal interest in Christ
4.       Good Works are not requisite to acquire for us a right to increasing degrees of sanctification
5.       Once more, good works have no place in obtaining for the saints a right to eternal life in heaven.

In what ways good works ARE necessary:
1.       They are necessary as just acknowledgments of God’s sovereign authority over believers, and as acts of obedience to His righteous commands
2.       Good works are indispensably requisite as being one special end of election, redemption, regeneration, and effectual vocation of the objects of God’s everlasting love.
3.       Good works are also necessary inasmuch as they are one great design of the gospel, and of the ordinances and providential dispensations of the Lord.
4.       It is indispensably requisite that believers perform good works as expressions of gratitude to their God and Savior for all His inestimable benefits vouchsafed to them.
5.       Good works are not less necessary as they are our walking in the way which leads to heaven.
6.       Good works are also indispensably requisite in order to evidence and confirm the faith of the saints.
7.       Good works are necessary to believers for making their calling and election sure to them.
8.       Good works are indispensably requisite for the maintenance or continuance of peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
9.       Good works are no less needful in order to adorn the doctrine of God our Savior, and our profession of that holy and heavenly doctrine.
10.   Good works are also requisite to stop the mouths of wicked men and to prevent offense.
11.   They are necessary, moreover, for the edification and comfort of fellow Christians.
12.   Finally good works are indispensably requisite for promoting before the world the manifested glory of Christ, and of God in Him.

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