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Friday, July 27, 2012

Piper: Christian Biography

Every Year, John Piper delivers a talk about a figure from Church History. Here is a list of most of his talks:

J.C. Ryle.
A minister in the Church of England in 1800's, prolific author

Charles Simeon
A minister in the Church of England in 1700's, often suffered opposition for preaching the gospel

Charles Spurgeon
A Baptist minister in the 1800's, powerful preacher who also dealt with depression

William Tyndale
Early translator of the Bible into English who was executed by Catholics for his efforts. 1500's

 John Owen
A Congregationalist minister in 1600's, greatest theologian in the English language

 A bishop who fought against Arius over the deity of Christ, in 300's

John Calvin
 Reformer in the 1500's

Martin Luther
 The monk that started the Reformation over justification by faith alone
Robert Murray McCheyne
 Scottish Presbyterian minister in the 1800's, died in late 20's

 Bishop that fought against the heretic Pelagius in 300's and 400's

George Muller
minister in 1800's

Andrew Fuller
 Baptist supporter of missions

Adoniram Judson
Missionary to Burma

George Whitefield
Church of England evangelist in the 1700's, the Spirit started the Great Awakening through his preaching, and was the actual founder of Methodism.

William Cowper
 Poet and hymn writer that suffered from Depression

J. Gresham Machen
 Founder of Westminster Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian church who fought against liberalism in the early 1900's
John Newton
 Minister in Church of England and hymn writer of Amazing Grace.

C.S. Lewis
 writer and author

David Brainerd
 American missionary to the Indians in the 1700's, friend of Jonathan Edwards who wrote his biography of his short life.
Martin Lloyd Jones
 Minister in the Church of England in the 1900's
Jonathan Edwards
 Congregationalist minister in the 1700's
William Wilberforce
 Member of Parliament that fought to end slavery in England in 1700's

John Bunyan
Baptist preacher and writer of "Pilgrim's Progress" in 1600's

John C Paton
 Presbyterian missionary in the Pacific in 1800's

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JimDad said...

What a list! You got us started on this group of CDs when we would travel to Dallas. Guess I need to get some of the later additions for our trips to Edwardsville.