"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." - Jerome

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hymn: Come, O Come Thou Quick'ning Spirit

Well, there is no Indelible Grace version, or Red Mountain Music version, or other modernized version I know about - yet, that doesn't impair my appreciation for this hymn, "Come, O Come Thou Quick'ning Spirit." It is a great Hymn of Preparation, either for confession or reading the Word. It focuses on the necessity of the Spirit to do any good thing before God. You can see a couple of OPC ministers singing it here. Seems those OPC guys still use hymnals. Hmmm...
Come, O Come Thou Quick'ning Spirit.

Come, O come, thou quick'ning Spirit,
God from all eternity!
May thy power never fail us;
Dwell within us constantly.
Then shall truth and life and light
Banish all the gloom of night.

Grant our hearts in fullest measure
Wisdom, counsel, purity,
That we ever may be seeking
Only that which pleaseth thee.
Let thy knowledge spread and grow,
Working error's overthrow.

Show us, Lord, the path of blessing;
When we trespass on our way,
Cast, O Lord, our sins behind thee
And be with us day by day.
Should we stray, O Lord, recall;
Work repentance when we fall.

Holy Spirit, strong and mighty,
Thou who makest all things new,
Make thy work within us perfect
And the evil foe subdue.
Grant us weapons for the strife
And with vict'ry crown our life.