"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." - Jerome

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Book on the Pastor-Theologian

"The Pastor as Scholar and The Scholar as Pastor"

I haven't read a word of this book beyond the cover, but from the looks of it, the book addresses one of my big soap box issues, namely, that every Pastor must be a Theologian, and every Theologian must be a Pastor. Theologians who do not realize their responsibility to the church merely play with theology as a toy and point of arrogant jewelry to show off their inflated sense of importance. Every Pastor who does not realize their responsibility to careful and accurate theology endanger the souls and growth of their congregation from their own laziness or dangerous disregard for the skill to use their scalpel in being a physician of souls. This title, by two men I have some measure of respect for, is going on my wish list.


mattldn said...

Looks interesting Jared. Maybe you can talk more about the book as you read it...?

David said...

This is a serious problem among pastors within a Protestant denomination, and likewise, between Protestant denominations.

Often one hears that Protestants agree on the important issues and disagree on the minor and unimportant issues.

Yet, where in the bible does one find a list of important and unimportant issues? When one pastor disagrees with another pastor, what recourse does the pastor have to settle the dispute? The Holy Spirit? Another theologian? A pastoral council?

If two pastors are lead by the Holy Spirit to different conclusions, are we to believe that the Holy Spirit has multiple personalities?

When this happens, you are right to argue that pastors jeopardize the souls of the flock that they are shepherding.

This is why Christ prayed that "they may all be one."