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Friday, April 16, 2010

Argument Chart

I have no time for a Fulfillment Friday this week. Instead, a chart on levels of debate. I find most discussion, if it is lucky, rises to the level of DH2.


Richard Steven Jones said...

Where is this from? Who originally published it? What support does it have for being a legitimate presentation of supremacy of argumentation?

M. Jay Bennett said...

That's good stuff! I see a lot of DH0-DH2, but very little else.

BTW, what's the "DH" stand for?

M. Jay Bennett said...

Oh! DH = Disagreement Hierarchy.

Jared Nelson said...

Richard - i saved the picture but forgot where I got it from. If I come across it I will cite it.

The support it has as a legitimate presentation of the supremacy of argument comes from the fact that anyone who says anything different is stupid and has a disagreeable tone to their position.

Richard Steven Jones said...

Thanks Jared. For the record, I agree with the chart I was just curious as to whether or not actual argumentation was being taught and accepted at/by any specific institution or group.