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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whose Kingdom Shall Have No End...

Kim Riddlebarger talks through differences between a traditional amillenial view of eschatology and dispensational premillenialism. The interview of Kim Riddlebarger, a Reformed pastor, is with the host of the show Todd Wilkins, a Lutheran pastor, since traditional Lutheran and Reformed teachings on eschatology are essentially identical. These interviews are worth considering no matter where you fall to know the arguments on both sides and consider the texts that are brought up. Kim is fairly gracious, as a former dispensationalist, in an arena that can include some non-gracious language.

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Aaron said...

Kim was indeed fairly gracious. He seemed to be controlling himself quite well. I tend to agree with Kim in that he shares some of my concerns for national Israel in Romans 11 and it is not easy to sweep that aside, but of course there is room for friendly debate. He also shares my total confusion at how we would get to a 1000 year reign of Christ over some with regenerate bodies some with out etc. I remember the first time that was explained to me. I was just flabbergasted! WHAT?! I heard the Dean of Theology at Southern Baptist state he does not think many people under 40 today believe this stuff anymore. Jared as a student at DTS maybe you could comment on his claim? It seems Criswell and the like were good teachers and commanded a following at one time but it also seems this might be on the down slope perhaps... perhaps... Jared you had hinted at this to me before when you talked about the state of things at DTS. Thoughts?