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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caspar David Friedrich

Just ran across and old favorite. Like it in black and white best. Wish it was real.

These images I was able to find are poor. But since it came up here is an attempt at the color version.


Jared Nelson said...

Reminds me of pictures of bombed out Churches in Europe after WWII.

Isn't this in black and white because all they have left is a photo? Wasn't the original destroyed?

Aaron said...

Yeah I think I read somewhere that it was destroyed. They do have a color version that I think is a close guess to the original. But I am not sure about the facts of that.
Also I do not know a lot about this guy but he did mostly things with nature or people contemplating nature. I kind of wonder if this was a statement about how nice it would be to break down the walls of the church and worship in creation. But that is all me guessing.

Matt said...

The original was destroyed during WWII when the museum housing it was bombed, I believe. The color version is actually from a color photograph that was reproduced in a book, I think. So while the print of the photo is probably not the best or most accurate color, it's the closest we have to the original color. You have to kind of look at Friedrich's other paintings and this color print to imagine what the actual painting looked like.