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Monday, June 11, 2007

Piper vs Wright

Mark Driscoll revealed a few weeks ago that John Piper is working on a book that specifically takes on N.T. Wright's position on justification. Another blogger has put together their writings in a faux interview to explore their thoughts on the issue (in Part 1 and Part 2).

Both these men have done major work for evangelicalism, Wright's The Resurrection of the Son of God and Simply Christian and Piper's Desiring God are all works which have made Christianity a reality for many people. Piper recovering Joy and Wright recovering the Resurrection. Wright, along with Alister McGrath, may be one of the most evangelical Anglicans in England.

One hopes this does not split evangelicals, as each of these men have avid admirers, as am I of both.

[To get a feel for these two great preachers, just right click and download Wright's sermon on the Resurrection here or for Piper download here.]

UPDATE 6/16: I think either some of this is over my head, or Piper may be defending a particular Reformed definition and nuance to justification. N.T. Wright wrote a paper in 1980, here, that details his view of justification, using the evangelical buzz words such as "a declaration" and "forensic." He defines justification as "God's righteous declaration in the present that the person who believes in the risen Lord Jesus Christ is a member of the covenant family, whose sins have been dealt with on the cross and who is therefore assured of eternal life."

So to find out what exactly Piper is attacking, we may have to just wait for the book...

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