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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Decline of Dispensationalism?

Is Dispensationalism in Decline? Or dead as some less objective commentators might suggest? I was surprised that the purported academic center of dispensationism is actually not as big on it as it used to be. On a recent CNN special, DTS was shown as such, though more moderate than more fanatical adherents on TV like John Hagee. But one student said most students on campus wouldn't be able to define dispensationalism. Thoughts?


Aaron said...

I have had this feeling lately. The popularity of Reformed Calvinism has anything to do with it? When I was talking to someone recently about the more "dispensational" take on Hebrews the guy said he said a lot of professors from Dallas seem to agree with his more "Reformed" take on it. I was not impressed with this approach to shooting me down as I rarely care about what is currently trendy in academia. I had actually just tried to bring up that they (dispensationalists) may have some merit to their arguments too and I got my point totally side stepped with “Well I read these guys from Dallas and they did not even argue the old dispensationalist take on it” type of response. Frustrating….

Anonymous said...

I am a DTS alum. I think having attended their recently 1995 -2000, I have to agree that the dispensationalism has been less of a DRIVEN point than it would have been just 10 years ago. I think there are several good and maybe a couple not so good reasons. GOOD- I think it has become less of a factor, because their realize that it is a dividing factor amoung christians and their want to reach out to more 'seekers". Additionally the recent works on progressive dispensationalism has really got everything up in the air. With the older profs stand on one side and the newer profs on the other side. BAD!!

Jared Nelson said...

Seekers? What seekers? There are no seekers (Roms 3:10). :)

I'm for the Progressive Dispensationalists. Bock, Kreider, and Hannah are my favorites here. Classical Dispensationalism has some fatal flaws and needs to be put out to pasture.