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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Local Church is the Hope of the World 2

Stories of the growth of home churches continue to pop up here and there. Like this story entitled "Going to Church by Staying at Home" While I see the necessity of it in many places like China or India. I stand by my position that it is mostly a negative thing in the U.S. While I can totally sympathize with not wanting to be part of a "megachurch" and the overhead of American "Churches" is part of what is wrong with our culture. We often seem to think we need to have the best building, state of the art nursery etc. No we don't! I also think that small groups in peoples homes is needed. Even if they are hard to get along with sometimes. Having conceded that and other points, I do think we need to be plugged into the larger community and not be doing our Christianity "Freelance" with no educated leaders. I continue to hold that more is needed then just a "Bible and a believer" to get truth right... Let's humble ourselves and get to church on Sunday.


tomwindsor said...


I'm Greg Windsor (one of the leaders in the house church ) the Post article referenced . Though I think the majority of the article was well done, a quote was attributed to me, which I didn't say.

The line is a follows ;
By abandoning the steeple, the pastor and the crowds of people, Windsor said, his tiny congregation is trying to live according to the New Testament.

A literal reading of that could be easily be taken as I/we are advocating christians to " abandon the pastor " .
Ironically that inaccurate quote is THE main fear or rather misunderstanding of the house church movement .

Also the quote literally taken is contrary to the New Testament command of Christ setting up the various roles of service ( pastors, etc. ) in the church . ( Ephesians 4 11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles ,... some pastors and teachers, ) God forbid I would ever encourage voiding what God has set up from the beginning. Abandon the pastor, not !

What I remember saying was to abandon the religious titles (which Jesus spoke against, Matthew 23:9) and the added church baggage over the centuries, and yet hold true to true apostolic traditions .

May you have a blessed day,
Greg Windsor

Aaron said...

Thanks for commenting Greg! Blessings to you and your church family.