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Sunday, February 19, 2006

What jobs do Americans want to do?

Anybody remember The Time Machine? Basically, a lower class of citizens (Morlocks) have been subjugated so long that they are no longer seen as human (in fact they devolved). As Americans get snootier about the jobs they take, are we setting ourselves up for such a dichotomy? Do we see Latinos as our Morlocks, doing the jobs we no longer want? Doing jobs that they are expendable on (like the Chinese and Irish on the railroad)? I’m not a Marxist, but maybe there is some validity in being disturbed by class and race differences.

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Aaron said...

I have read "The Time Machine" many years ago. I think the difference would be mobility. In the books the Morlocks had no choice but to be Morlocks. They could never become something more.